In naming this blog, Red Chair Chats, my intention
was to welcome you, the reader and listener, into my virtual home.

Symbolism of the Red Chair

Picture these:  A single red wingback chair with a throw blanket, and a fresh cup of tea, placed next to a hearth. How about a red overstuffed armchair positioned perfectly in a beautiful sunny corner of your library? Even, a cheerful, red, Adirondack chair sitting next to a lake at the end of a summer’s day. Comforting, positive images, aren’t they? While the symbolism of a red chair does have some variation across world cultures, it always embodies the attributes of inclusion, peace, and collaboration.

In Australia and New Zealand, for example, corporations often place an empty red chair in the boardroom to symbolize the important voice of their customers.

In Canada, national parks have placed red chairs in scenic outlooks to encourage rest, introspection, and contemplation of the beauty of nature.

Media personalities and talk shows have often used a red chair for guest speakers as a sign of thoughtful consideration and focus for the audience’s attention.

Finally, other sources suggest that a red chair symbolizes a bridge which transverses invisible boundaries and encourages the sharing of thoughts and ideas.

I love all these visual metaphors. In naming this blog, Red Chair Chats, my intention was to welcome you, the reader and listener, into my virtual home. It is a place of respect, esteem, inclusion, and enlightenment. Your thoughts, opinions, and participation are welcome here. And while we cannot be present physically together, the Red Chair symbolically invites you to cross over any invisible boundaries present in our world and take a welcome seat at the table.

Red Chair Chats

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