It’s Official! I Started Writing My Book On Happiness, Well-being, and How to Live a Wholehearted life!…

On March 1, 2021, I started writing my book on happiness, well-being, and how to live a wholehearted life. The book is intended to be inspirational for a general audience and includes the results of my research findings (thank you again for all who participated in my recent study 😊) and the thousands of hours of interviews I’ve had with patients and clients.

Because I am still teaching a full course load in the graduate school of nursing at Northern Kentucky University, sitting on several committees, and doing active research, I think it’s reasonable to expect to have the book completed by mid-summer. Then, after final editing and touch-ups, I hope to have it published by September/October of this year. Yahoo!!

I’m both excited and terrified to be writing a book. But I passionately believe we need to better understand and embrace these topics considering the challenges we all face in an uncertain world.

I will of course give you updates on how I’m doing and will continue to write articles and do podcasts for Red Chair Chats.

Until next time….

Please stay safe, healthy, and happy,


Life is an amazing journey. Each day brings a new opportunity for another incredible adventure.
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Pam is an interdisciplinary translational researcher, a clinician, an author, a teacher, and an eternal student. She teaches graduate students at Northern Kentucky University, and for the last three decades, she has helped others overcome the obstacles in their life. Now, she wants to share that knowledge with you. Her research focuses on resiliency, happiness and joy, and wellness and well-being. Pam is currently writing a book about successful living which will be available in the new year! Pam is a wife and a mother of two adult children and lives in Kentucky. She raises Monarch butterflies and Mason bees. Pam loves nature, the outdoors, and anything to do with animals. She is passionate about the environment and trying to make the world a better place. She believes people can strongly disagree, yet still have respectful discourse. She thinks love will always eclipse hate, kindness and gratitude can never be overstated, and that life is an amazing journey; with each day bringing the opportunity for another incredible adventure. When she is not writing or working, you can find her in her garden planting trees or flowers, playing the piano, reading, fishing, or enjoying life with her family and friends.
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